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Another day, another educational blog post. This week we shall learn about command prompts and networking.

Command Prompts

You ever watch a show or movie where the tech guy and hacker are battling it out on a black screen with white words, typing at like 500 words per minute, and each outsmarting the other with a few clicks of the keyboard.


Oh, the intensity of it all! Yes and today we will not talk about command prompts to that degree. Hold your horses and find what it is first. But command prompts can be used in hacking. The command prompts is simply a way to interact with the computer. You can find the command prompt by typing “cmd” in your start menu. Here are some basic commands to start off with:

shutdown– this will shut down or restart the computer

dir– this displays the list of folders and sub-folders on your computer

mkdir– this makes a folder or sub-folder

rmdir– this removes a folder or sub-folder

ipconfig– this will display your IP configuration information



A network is a group of interconnected devices (ex. computers). PAN, LAN, WLAN, MAN, WAN, and VPN are kinds of networks.

Personal Area Networks are controlled by one person. PANs are found in homes and small offices.

Local Area Networks are for small geographical areas such as a school or office building.


Wireless Local Area Networks are like regular LANs except they are a wireless computer network.

Wide Area Networks are for large geographical areas like cities, states, or even countries.

Metropolitan Area Networks are smaller then WANs and extend across small campuses, towns, and cities.

Virtual Private Networks can directly connect private networks across a public network.





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