“Yes, Madame President”

I live in an alternate reality: One with happy endings, dramatic pauses, and an invisible viewership that I have no knowledge of but is still there. I had a chance, FINALLY, a chance——to be extra. Presidential Election, mannnn I was so ready. Buttons pre-ordered since May of the previous school year, ribbons already tied around  over 100 customized bookmarks, and the Snapchats of the incoming freshmen who didn’t even decide if they would be enrolled to the school. Everything was laid out perfectly. Go big or go home right?

Pinning a loyal voter with campaign button

If I was to become the first female president in over 11 years, I was going to pull out ALL the stops. No matter what I did I still knew the school would be divided; it would be the age-old story of boys versus girls. How was I to win them over? Was my charm going to be seen as adorable or annoying? With my head held high I gave it my all and it was like…a slap in the face.


As I eagerly wait for the results (at approximately 3:33 PM Eastern Standard Time) I can’t help but think through the past two weeks…


“You’ve really grown as a person, I’m so proud of you.”

“You’re excellent just excellent!”

“Don’t ask me if I voted, I didn’t vote for YOU!”

“I hope you win you are the only person that cared enough to ask what’s wrong.”

“He hasn’t campaigned and he doesn’t have to, he’s going to win.”

Strong Women
All weren’t good and I prepared for that, but the harshness of some of the words really made me realize what it meant to be a woman in politics. No matter what you do it will always be harder. No matter how long you plan you still have to expect the unexpected. And no matter how many times you prove your abilities they will always be questioned.

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